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B.E.A.R.S. Photos

2009 B.E.A.R.S. Santa Net

All photos are published with signed permission from the patients and/or their parents/caretakers.

Chris (KJ4JHT) and Len (K4DVD) with ???? from Child-Life services getting ready for the net.
Robert (AG4ZG) and Rich (KA3AAF) checking in on Santa and his radio elves.
Bob (KI4QAA), ???? and ?????? from Child-Life services with Robert (AG4ZG), Chris (KJ4JHT) and ???? from Child-Life services by the Christmas tree.
Radio Elf Bob (KI4QAA) lets a patient talk straight with The Big Man on the Northpole via HAM-radio.
Radio Elf Bob (KI4QAA) lets this young man talk with Santa, while another one of Santa's Radio Elves is watching with a nurse.
Chris (KJ4JHT), Robert (AG4ZG) and ???? are helping to relay Santa to St. Joseph's Children's Hospital.
Robert (AG4ZG) and ???? had a hotline to Santa.
Not even elves are immune from Infection Control!
Chris (KJ4JHT), Robert (AG4ZG) and ???? are listening to what Santa has to say.
Bob (KI4QAA), the dapper Radio Elf.