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B.E.A.R.S. Photos

2011 B.E.A.R.S. Santa Net

All photos are published with signed permission from the patients and/or their parents/caretakers.

A sign of excitement to come.....
Radio-Elf Zoltan (a.k.a. Hopscotch)(KJ4EXM) is checking in with Robert (AG4ZG), Denae (KK4XXX) and Leah from Child-Life services.
Chris (KJ4JHT) and Robert (AG4ZG) feeling the Holiday Spirit.
Chris (KJ4JHT) and Robert (AG4ZG) consulting with Leah from Child-Life services, who seems to have a direct link to Santa of her own....
Chris (KJ4JHT), Robert (AG4ZG) and Denae (KK4XXX), consulting with Leah from Child-Life services.
Zoltan (KJ4EXM) just standing around, looking busy.
Art (KK4ECI) and Gretchen (KK4ECJ) taking a swing at taking net-control for Santa.
Meeting of the minds: Chris (KJ4JHT), Art (KK4ECI), Robert (AG4ZG), Gretchen (KK4ECJ) and Leah.
The 2011 Santa Net Crew:Robert (AG4ZG) and Leah are using all sources of information to help Santa.
Chris (KJ4JHT) and Art (KK4ECI) monitoring the net for the Big Man on the North Pole.
Denae (KK4XXX) is studying the elf-phone while Leah confirms information for Santa.
Robert (AG4ZG) and Denae (KK4XXX) helping create the holiday spirit with Leah.
Art (KK4ECI) and Gretchen (KK4ECJ) are obviously having a blast!
Bernice (KK4DWZ) looks like a radio-elf who's up to no good... If only Santa knew, but he was to busy talking on the radio.
The 2011 Santa Net Crew:
Back: Francis (KJ4PJH), Chris (KJ4JHT), Art (KK4ECI) and Zoltan (KJ4EXM).
Front: Rich (AG4ZG), Gretchen (KK4ECI), Bernice (KK4DWZ) and Denae (KK4XXX)
Kneeling: Bob (KI4QAA).
"Papa Bear" Chris (KJ4JHT)
This young lady is getting all excited when she hears Santa talk to her.
Radio-Elf Zoltan (KJ4EXM) establishing the radio link between Santa and a young patient.
Erin from Child-Life services was really getting the hang of this radio thing. She may be one of our future HAMs!.
This family was getting very excited talking to Santa with the help from Bob (KI4QAA) and Erin from Child-Life services.
Bob (KI4QAA) is helping these little boys talk to Santa.