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Bay area Emergency Amateur Radio Service
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B.E.A.R.S. Photos

2013 B.E.A.R.S. Santa Net

All photos are published with signed permission from the patients and/or their parents/caretakers.

The 2013 Santa Net Crew: Chris (KJ4JHT), Art (KK4ECI) Gretchen (KK4ECJ), Robert (AG4ZG), Bernice (KK4DWZ), Zoltan (KJ4EXM), Desiree (XXXX), XXXX and Tom (KJ4HUZ) are ready for action!
Erin from Child Life helps a kid talk to Santa, while Zoltan (KJ4EXM) and Desiree (XXXX) are watching.
Santa's helpers XXXXXX, Chris (KJ4JHT), Desiree (XXXX) and one dysfunctional radio-elf named "Hop-scotch" (KJ4EXM).
Erin from Child Life hands the radio over to yet another fan of the big man in the red suit.
Robert (AG4ZG) at the entrance of the super secret control center for the Santa Net.
Erin from Child Life is getting quite handy with her radio as she helps a little patient talk with Santa.
It takes a team and a lot of technology to make the link to Santa work: Tom (KJ4HUZ), Art (KK4ECI), Chris (KJ4JHT), Gretchen (KK4ECJ) and Robert (AG4ZG) know all about it.