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Bay area Emergency Amateur Radio Service
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B.E.A.R.S. Photos

Portable Emergency Radio Operations at St. Joseph's Hospital - North

The BayArea Emergency Amateur Radio Service - B.E.A.R.S. recently set up outside St. Joseph’s Hospital-North to demonstrate how amateur radio is used during an emergency. They made about 50 contacts during this five-hour event, mostly with Battleship Museums marking the D-Day invasion.

Gretchen (KK4ECJ), Chris (KJ4JHT) and Francis (KJ4PJHT) are ready for action
Gretchen (KK4ECJ) and Art(KK4ECI) underneath our new banner
Chris (KJ4JHT) making his first contacts, under supervision from Gretchen (KK4ECJ) and Francis (KJ4PJHT)
We had several guest wanting to learn about HAM radio operations
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Chris (KJ4JHT) explaining the ins and outs of HAM radio