B.E.A.R.S. - W4TCH

Bay area Emergency Amateur Radio Service
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The BEARS hold a monthly meeting at S. Joseph's Hospital in Tampa, where our main net-control station is located. It is currently held on the First Tuesday of the month. We will meet up in the cafeteria and then move the meeting in a conference room. Our meetings starts at 7:00pm and will last until approximately 8:30pm. Everyone interested in learning about HAM radio is welcome to attend.

Prior to our meeting we offer free testing for anyone interested in getting their HAM radio license. We will start testing at 6:00pm. We currently offer testing for a technician's license only. Look at pictures of some of our recent graduates!

In addition to testing we also offer training in our radio room for new hams wanting to become more familiar with our equipment. We will start training also at 6:00pm, so everyone can attend our meeting afterward.